Monday, 26 April 2010

My new craft room

Thought you might like to see some pictures of my new craft room.

As I have outgrown the Dining Room and didn't have a spare bedroom I have decided to convert the conservatory. Chucked out all the furniture and bought some new bits. The Expedit for Ikea was recommended by a crafty friend and I have to say its excellent. Can fit loads of stuff in and great for all your 12x12's.

I decided on a pine table instead of a desk as my PC won't be going through and I wasn't wanting loads of extra drawers either. Would have liked a bigger table but it will have to do, couldn't really fit anything larger in the car.

The three tier storage units behind are fabby. Bought then for only £10.00 each from Home Bargains and have masses and masses of stuff in them, and they fit well behind my craft table.

Left a sofa in too, thought I could sit a read my craft mags in the sun.

So manged to get all but a half dozen kits in, have left thenm in a cupboard in the Dining room for now.

Wonder how long it will stay this tidy and organised?

Bev x


  1. wow ~~Bev...I'm so littl craft room looks like a cupboard...and yours is so nat an tidy and everything has its place...


  2. Oh lovely Beverley ! Everything in its rightful place ! :) X Fab

  3. Heavenly!!!! I would love a craft room like that!
    Sandra x

  4. Did I leave a comment yesterday...maybe not...I do think your new space is enviably light and colour coordinated - plus furniture fit-for-purpose...all very Ideal Homes, isn't it? Quite splendid.

  5. Oh Bev I am rotten with jelousy I really am it looks smashing and so tidy.


  6. Lovely craftroom and beautiful creations, decided to follow your blog, got to support fellow scots and great designers. xx Doreen